Having trouble finding the right photographer?

Although some of the most intriguing photographs are taken on a whim without much planning, the truth is, in photography proper planning and team preparation are imperative if you want to capture a moment and tell a phenomenal story.

I understand how businesses work, and the importance of collaborative teaming to reach your target audience on time and on budget. If you have a unique vision and are looking for a talented photographer to help pull it all together...let’s talk!

I also offer creative consults and would be thrilled to answer any questions you may have!

Currently, I provide creative services for clients along the east Coast of the United States from as far north as New York, NY, to as far south as Miami, FL. International projects and those outside of a 50 mile radius of zip code 20850 receive customized pricing dependent upon client needs and location.

Standard and custom sizes prints of images on this site are available. Just send me a quick message using the contact page!


Visit the contact page or email me at with any questions and for session pricing.